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Specialty Healthcare and Wellness

We started Specialty Healthcare and Wellness because we saw a need for a more complete approach to caring for our patients. Our new programs strive to go beyond merely testing for disease and prescribing medications to look at all the functional forces that influence your overall health, well-being and aging. With a focus on prevention,our physicians and wellness counselors partner with you to create an individualized treatment plan that addresses each patient’s specific deficiencies and concerns.

The field of anti-aging medicine has evolved from technological breakthroughs in sports medicine. Exploring the limits of human potential has redefined what it means to be “fit” as well as what it means to be “old”. Just as today’s female athletes are breaking records set by male athletes just a few decades ago, people in their 60’s, 70’s and beyond are remaining active and vital through new therapies that slow the aging process and age-related disease. Early intervention and an understanding of what causes cellular aging is key.

The initial step on your path to optimal health begins with Advanced Clinical Testing. MicroNutrient Testing to detect low levels of specific micronutrients at the tissue level, Lipoprotein Particle Profile™ to accurately assess your heart attack risk, and Telomere Testing to measure cellular aging are some of the tools that along with your medical history determine which therapies will best benefit you.

After analyzing the results, our physicians work with our staff nutritionist and certified personal trainer to develop a customized supplements and lifestyle plan to improve your nutritional status and help you feel your best. Your new wellness plan will include guidance on how to improve your diet as well suggestions on how to begin or maximize your fitness routine.

Our wellness program will help you:

  • Control your weight gain
  • Boost your energy
  • Discover if you are at risk for heart attack (even if you have normal cholesterol)
  • Improve your memory and mental agility
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Balance your hormones naturally
  • Increase your athletic endurance and speed

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